This is the end!

Hi everybody,

     Listen this song of The Doors! It's perfect for this article! In exactly one week, we will be in France at your home, ready to come back in Angers for 2 months of school!

But also during the easter break, we were in Norway for one week! Listen the story of the end of the Car :

We had gone in norway during the easter’s holidays (Matthieu, Pierre, Germain & Clément). We had taken the boat at hirtshals; near to skagen (the city most northely of danemark); until kristiansand. We were with many other esaip student, we left with 3 cars.

We arrived in Norway at midnight. At the output off the boat, we had arrested by customs. They searched drugs. We had nothing but the customers emptied the car to be sure. We staid here for  45 minutes seeing the customers to emptied all the thing that we had put one hour to fit in the car. We take the road and after 500 meters in the center of the city, we had arrested by policemen to control the driver. We had explained at th policemen that we just go to be arrested by the customers and it’s well finished. We can say that the car of “Matthieu”  doesn’t go unnoticed…..
Finnaly the first night, we slept at the campsite just next to Kristiansand’s Harbor. The next day on waking the contrast with denmark have been immediate. Same on the coast, there was stones, and farther mountains. It was a pleasure to  not see a very flat landscape.
Wake up in Norway!

Then we went to Oslo during 2 days. The first day, we visited the downtown. There are many new buildings and building construction. Along the marina, we saw a lot of very modern buildings!
The islands are also very nice. Through our ticket’s metro and tram, we took the boat (yes!) to visit the five islands in the fjord of Oslo. They are very wild! The houses are all wood (photo). On there islands, we didn’t does not in a capital city, it's strange and nice!! Unfortunately, the price for buy a hytte” (small cottage) or location is too much expensive and these islands have become very popular and accessible only to wealthy people.
Oslo and more usually the Norway is much more cosmopolitan than Denmark. There is much Arabian and black people and it’s the first thing which have struck us arriving in Oslo.

Lunch closed to Oslo !

New Harbor of Oslo! 

Skate in Oslo's Island !

View of  Ski jumping slope of Oslo !

Ski jumping slope !

Then we had to continue to Lillehammer but we met German’s girl living in Norway 30 years ago and who have say us to pass by Honefoss and follow the road E16.For her, one of the best road of country. So, we followed this road and climbed in the mountains and discovered beautiful fjords and valley. At the sunset, we were at 1400 m, the road was snowy and we didn’t know where we will go to sleep. We have finally found a nice place to sleep with wood to make a fire.

Oh my god, the weather is cold ! 

Look the snow on the sides !

At 1500 m in Norway! 

The place where we spent a night !

The next day, we hit the road unfortunately it had snowy all the night. The road was very slippery and we weren’t prepared to that. We have made approximately 20 kilometers in 2 hours. We had just a pair of chains to the car. In the middle of the day, we have hurt a snow plough and we have finish in the ditch. Many Norwegian had stopped their car to help us and one person called the breakdown truck that brought us to the town of Bismo in the middle of mountain.
Bismo is the small town with few shops and as only recreational the walking. We met the boss’son of garage, who says us to sleep in the hytte (cabin) & bring all our affairs. We spent two nice days here to resolve the trouble about the car of Matthieu and look for the better way to come back in denmark.

The accident...

The hytte !

The fireplace !

We are come-back to Oslo by bus for 2 day and we had take a advantage of the capital  to these 2 days. We were at the Anker Hostel, for 200kr by night in dormitory of 8 with Kitchen!

The skate place!

The Opera!

In the Opera !

Street art in Oslo Train Station ! 

Again Oslo Islands, our favorite place!

And after Clément and Matthieu did (with Germain) one day of bus, ferry and train, and we arrived in Horsens at midnight! Pierre took the plane to Berlin! 

10 hours after Matthieu left to Berlin!

Written by Matthieu, Pierre and Clément!